The SONEXESTM expert system is designed to augment the work of an ergonomist in analyzing ergonomic risk factors at work, and to allow employees to assess their ergonomic risk factors.

SONEXESTM substantially speeds up the time taken to conduct an ergonomic analysis of a job.

SONEXESTM system is usable on all types of computer and all operating systems.

SONEXESTM is programmed to operate as a decision tree, with the ergonomic risk factors in the bottom of the tree, which when placed inside a set of "rules", established by the expert/experts produces the conclusion/results of the analysis. SONEXESTM has an extensive knowledge base, derived from a thorough review of all of the relevant research literature on the risk factors for work-related musculoskeletal disorders. Identified risk factors for injury are grouped into two main knowledge base modules (DISCOMFORT and ERGONOMIC RISK FACTORS), along with four additional specific modules (WORKING ENVIRONMENT, WORK CHAIR, TOOL, ORGANIZATIONAL FACTORS), and each of these modules is presented separately in the expert system. Each knowledge base module also can be accessed individually because each of these modules itself is a unique single expert system. The system has a large and diverse base of around 150 questions and knowledge base that contains over 230 factors, and around 500 possible answers.


Software licence

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Current version: 1.1 beta


  • Comprehensive Ergonomic Expert System
  • Expert or self-assessment capability
  • Diagnose and prevent ergonomic problems
  • Utilizes latest ergonomics information
  • Recommends ergonomic solutions
  • Fast and efficient evaluation of software
  • Publish/print ergonomic reports
  • Export reports as .html and/or .xml
  • Available in English, Spanish, Serbian